ABOUT ParsNord

ParsNord design and propose thermal solutions for different applications using thermoelectric generators. ParsNord is established based on the significant demand for heating, cooling and waste heat recovery solutions. We have a close collaboration with the universities and leading research institutes. Furthermore, we are seeking for partnership with the large and well-known companies in order to design and propose different thermal solutions appropriate for their applications. The company is based in Aalborg, Denmark but we also have a branch in Norrköping, Sweden.

Vision and Mission

ParsNord is going to be a leading company in designing and manufacturing flexible TEMs. As the first supplier of flexible TEMs in the Europe, we propose solutions and customized flexible TEMs for different areas of applications. In ParsNord we focus on turning ideas into products that meaningfully affect the lives of people and positively affect carbon emissions. Exploring different industrial issues and finding ‘Flexible TEM’ based solutions for them is another mission of ParsNord.