ABOUT ParsNord

ParsNord designs and proposes thermal solutions for different applications using thermoelectric modules (TEMs). ParsNord is established based on the significant demand for heating, cooling and waste heat recovery. We have a close collaboration with the universities and leading research institutes in Denmark and Sweden. Furthermore, we are actively seeking for partnership with interested industries in order to design and propose different thermal solutions appropriate for their applications. These solutions are developed at ParsNord Thermal solutions in Denmark with a focus on thermal comfort and self-powered sensors for building and automobile sectors. On the other hand, ParsNord Thermoelectric in Sweden, focuses on manufacturing of low cost flexible TEMs by utilizing novel thermoelectric production concepts and high-performance bonding materials. The commercially available TEMs are expensive, rigid and being manufactured in small sizes which makes their use restricted to niche applications like powering specific industrial and building sensors, powering satellites, but also small-scale air-conditioning systems, wine coolers, medical refrigerators, and luxury car seats. ParsNord novel fabrication methods are mostly based on printed electronics manufacturing available at Printed Electronics Arena (PEA) operated by the Research institute of Sweden RISE in Norrköping, Sweden. The new materials necessary to enable the use of those low-cost manufacturing techniques are organic conductive adhesives developed at Linköping University (LiU) Campus Norrköping in the laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE) in Sweden.

Vision and Mission

ParsNord is going to be a leading company for the design and manufacturing of flexible Thermoelectric modules (TEMs). As the first supplier of flexible TEMs in Europe, we propose solutions and customized flexible TEMs for different areas of applications. At ParsNord, we focus on turning ideas into products that meaningfully affect the lives of people and reduce CO2 emissions. TEMs are commercially available in small sizes, rigid forms, and high cost which limits their applications. Our main goal is to introduce advanced high throughput manufacturing techniques based on printed electronics and to utilize novel electrically conductive adhesive materials instead of soldering. These result in, lowering the cost (50%), bringing mechanical flexibility, less weight and customizable products which opens the door into variety areas of applications like automobile seats & building interior thermal comfort, energy harvesting and smart self-powered sensors.