Thermoelectric Modules

Thermoelectric modules
Flexible Thermoelectric modules:

Thermoelectric Modules:

Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) generate useful electrical energy directly from the heat flux or temperature difference using Seebeck Effect. TEMs can be used not only for the waste heat recovery in different industrial uses to increase the overall efficiency of the systems but also for heating and cooling applications using Peltier Effect. Special and unique features of the TEMs like being solid-state with no moving parts, high reliability and long lifetime makes TEMs an attractive technology to be implemented in different areas of applications.

Flexible Thermoelectric Modules:

As a result of being rigid, expensive and having small size, the utilization of the conventional TEMs are limited to niche applications like space and micro electronic cooling. Therefore, the doors would be opened to a wide range of applications if a cheaper, flexible and large area TEM can be fabricated. At ParsNord we are developing flexible thermoelectric modules (FTEM) specifically for thermal comfort applications as well as other thermal solutions. These FTEMs are fabricated through high throughout automated manufacturing and inexpensive flexible materials. BiTe is utilized in ParsNord FTEM as the most efficient thermoelectric commercial material, but we are constantly seeking for other alternatives through close collaboration with universities and research institutes all over the Europe.